Monday, March 2, 2009

Putting Yourself First

This year, like many others, I decided to focus on putting myself first. But as a woman, there are many other people in our lives that need to be taken care of: our husbands, kids, parents and friends. Oh, and don't forget the dogs and cats!

Don't get me wrong, I love taking care of the people I love. But it really hit me lately that if I'm not in a good place, it will be hard to be a good support for others.

After the post holiday munchies, I decided to buckle down and begin taking care of myself by cutting sugar out of my diet. It feels amazing! I'm a sugar addict, no question. So when I'm sucked into the sugar vortex, I don't think straight, I'm unmotivated and I worry all the time. Without sugar I'm clear-headed and energized.

The heroine in my March book, Sydney Trent, took care of two sick parents who passed away. Then she finds herself on her own, sucked into danger and intrigue when her friend, Nate, goes missing and his sexy older brother, Dalton, asks her to help solve the mystery. Syd got really good at taking care of herself after her parents passed away, and isn't one to be pushed around, even by a sexy hunk like Dalton.

What kinds of things do want to do to take better care of yourself? Come on, you're worth it!!

Here are a few non-sugar snacks for anyone out there want to cut down:

Layer shredded veggies and Tzatki sauce in a piece of roast beef and roll up
Dip sliced green zucchini in hummus
A hard boiled egg is always a great afternoon pick-me-up
A slice of deli turkey with Laughing cow cheese spread and par-boiled asparagus (you can tell I'm into rolling things like tortillas!)


Pat White


  1. Pat thanks for the snack ideas.
    I really need to exercise I just don't

  2. BethRE, I think the key to exercise is start small. Go for a ten minute walk and make it fun! Take your IPod or get a BlueTooth device and talk to your friends while you're walking. That usually works for me. I can't stand exercising so I'm trying to figure out ways to trick myself into liking it. HA!

  3. I am really bad about taking care of hubby and son more so then myself. I also need to cut out the sugar and start exercising. Back last fall I was walking two miles a day and when the weather got bad I stopped and now I am having problems getting back into exercising. I think I am a sugar addict. I also smoke which is very bad and I need to stop that too.

  4. Virgina,
    I've done the "quit smoking" thing too. For me, giving up sugar was harder. My suggestion is to pick one thing, either smoking (which I did first because my doc screeched at me), or cut out sugar. Little steps are good. Get the crap out of your house and replace with fruit. That was a HUGE step for me.
    Good luck!

  5. I need to work on the exercise thing since the weather is getting better.

  6. I am working on eating healthier and that means giving up sugar.
    I agree that giving up sugar is harder than quitting smoking, which I did 11 years ago.
    Thanks for the snack tips.

  7. Thanks for the hints. I had just gotten a good start at an exercise and food plan when I broke my leg. I am stuck in the poor little me mode. But since I have been unable to use crutches I am also stuck in a wheelchair and , as I told my kids, I have seen the future and it is no fun. I do not want to spend the rest of my life unable to walk so the weight has got to go.

  8. Pat, I also meant to say that your story line for this book intrigues me. I am looking forward to reading it.

  9. Pat
    Im the same way as the rest of you. I need to give my sugar intake too.
    For me its when I get oatmeal or any breakfast cereal. I need to use the spenda spelling.
    I did when me was on Weight Watchers. The only sugar me got was when I had my regular pepsi with dinner.
    I cant wait to read your book.