Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Spring

Well, it may not seem like it, but last Friday was the first day of spring. Whoo-hoo!

When I used to live in the Midwest, spring meant rain showers and flowers breaking ground. Now that I’m in Seattle I have to work a little harder to see the change since flowers have been bustin’ through since January.

So, I’ve decided to create a list of things I’d like to do to celebrate the season.

1. Make summer movie list!
2. Finish screenplay. I finish a script by May 1 each year and this year I’m turning one of my books, GOT A HOLD ON YOU, into a screenplay.
3. Clean out office: share books, recycle notebooks or papers not read in the past year.
4. Go through make-up – figure out if it’s old, boring or otherwise should be tossed to make room for new and exciting colors!
5. Pedicure! The first of many, if I’m going to wear sandals anytime soon. ;-)
6. Get the dog groomed. She’s starting to look like an overfed wolf.
7. Discover a new author, either novelist or screenwriter. Have any suggestions?

There’s my working list. It may change, expand, and shift. But it’s a good start. What about you?

Have a GREAT weekend!

Pat White


  1. My list is ahort.
    Get outside and work in my garden and flowers!

  2. My list is very short also: get more exercise and clean out the bedroom that has a whole lot of unpacked boxes and other junk.

  3. After going through my Library's renovation; we opened back up last Sept., very busy and hectic, then there were 2 on-line training courses, 1 was 12 weeks; I just finished it. I think now my list consists of 1 item and 1 item only..........plan my vacation!! :D

  4. Before I do anything else, I have to finish my current work in progress, Bravo Tango Cowboy, part of my Special Ops, Texas series. Then I want to put up some bird feeders that the squirrels can't rob and also some for the hummingbirds I hope to attract. I'll finish reading House to House, a true story of the war in Iraq that helps me better understand my figting heroes. I want to clean out my jewelry drawers so that I can actually find a pair of matching ear rings on occasion. And, oh yes, I want to play a lot of golf!

  5. I'd like to celebrate the season by blowing up your book cover to poster size and hanging it on my bedroom wall. Yowza, Pat.