Sunday, January 11, 2009

Intrigue's Latest Continuity

Harlequin Intrigue's latest continuity launched this month. Look for
the Kenner Country Crime Unit books that run from January all the way
through September. Here are the titles and authors:

Secrets in Four Corners --Debra Webb (January)

Profile Durango, Carla Cassidy (February)

Snowed in with the Boss, Jessica Andersen (March)

Criminally Handsome, Cassie Miles (April)

Collecting Evidence, Rita Herron (May)

Pulling the Trigger, Julie Miller (June)

She's Positive, Delores Fossen (July)

Captive Hearts, eharl online read, Delores Fossen (August)

Final Analysis, Elle James (September)

So, tell me. Do you read continuities, or do you prefer regular

Delores Fossen


  1. Oh yes, a definite yes on continuities; but it's a love hate relationship. There are some that are done over years and earlier titles are hard to find. But I always get excited when I come across a series I've never read and is very good! Some of the best series I've ever read are ones I've stumbled over on book sale tables and of course that leads me on a scavenger hunt to find the rest of the titles, the "thrill of the hunt" so to speak! LOL

  2. I do like reading continuities, especially if they have a fixed end. I like to see characters from earlier books in that series, show up in later books. Sometimes they do go on too long. Diana Palmer's Long Tall Texan series is at 32 books now over a 20 year period and she has another book due out this fall.

  3. I definitely read continuities. But like the above posters I have trouble with those that go on too long especially if they are closely tied to the first of the books. Sometimes I find myself waiting until I have all of the books before reading any of them especially if they are coming out several months apart.

  4. Yes I read continuities. I do prefer those written by the same author because I can remember to pick those up and I hate coming in the middle of a series or missing out on one. But then I love all the Intiques!

  5. Tammy, I had no idea there were that many books in the Long Tall Texan series. Wow.

    I think it's great that you guys enjoy the continuities!


  6. I do read continuities. I have picked up a book in the middle of a series and sometimes have a hard time finding the previous books in the series.

  7. i do read continuities. I really enjoy both types of Intrigue.

  8. I also read continuities but I also like reading regular Intrigues.

  9. I love reading the continuities Delores. I love keeping up with all the characters etc. Plus I love how you all work so well together on these books and keep them running smoothly with out every missing single beat.
    Plus the regular ones too. There have been some of those id like to see turn into series etc.

    That's why I cant wait until this summer until Debra Webb contintues with her Colby Agency.