Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Southern Snow Day!

Ahh, the glorious feeling. You wake up in the morning and turn on the television to see names scrolling across the bottom of the screen. You watch in breathless anticipation…searching for your school. When you see it, it’s wonderful. That feeling of respite. No school today! You turn off your alarm and roll over to snooze for a few more minutes. And you’re not even a student….you’re a parent.

It's a snow day. Or if you live in Dallas, an ice day. We have no idea how to drive on that stuff down here. Ice just bamboozles us Texans. Fearful of our driving skills, school administrators wisely close school house doors at the drop of a hat— or in this case, a slight freezing mist. It was somewhat unexpected for me this time. I hadn't been paying much attention to the weather reports.

But I must say the expression on my son’s face was something I won’t soon forget when he woke up and wandered into my office at 7:30 am. Normally I have him up quite a bit earlier.
“Mom, why didn’t you get me up? I’m gonna be late for school.”
I got to be the bearer of very glad tidings.
“School is cancelled.”
First there was a look of disbelief, then pure joy, then a loud “Yes!” as he pumped the air with his fist, jumped up and down and even gave me a big hug and a smacking kiss on the cheek.

This is a surprise holiday. And you folks up north are laughing at me, I know. But we get snow and ice so infrequently, it’s quite an event and perfectly okay to roll your eyes at our antics! Because I’m only talking about the one-day "happenings” (two max), not the horrific weeklong storms you have to endure or the huge mess that's sweeping across the midwest as I type.

I see snow so rarely, southern "snow days" are etched in my memory— making snow ice cream, snow angels, sledding, building the one snowman I’ve made in my lifetime. Since it’s only misting ice instead of snow this time, we’ll be inside most of the day. Sitting in front of the fire, we'll watch movies and hopefully play some board games. Probably eat junk food that’s terrible for us. And I won’t get much work done. By tomorrow my kids will be back in school.

I look forward to these days almost as much as my children do.

So what about you? What’s your favorite “snow day” memory or what’s your favorite thing to do on a "snow day" when you get to stay home?

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  1. Snow Ice Cream. Remember that? Not sure I'd do it today though!

    Never had enough snow to justify sled, so sliding on trays.

    And the absolute JOY at hearing "school closed". Wonderful.


  2. Kay;

    Wonderful post!

    And you just brought back a few childhood memories I haven't thought about in years. I think I'll go call my mom...


  3. We would make snowballs from snow, vanilla, sugar.
    My father always would bake bread, yes my dad and it smelled so good.
    We would go sledding and have warm grilled cheese sandwiches with soup

  4. Kay,
    I remember snow days in Texas quite well. Here in Missouri we're having one right now - started with a freezing mist on Monday, turned to snow on Tuesday and didn't stop until we had about 4 inches. Just enough to make Snow Angels!
    Tracy G.

  5. I grew up in NE Oklahoma where were have some steep hills - one right outside my house. My fondest memories of snow days then involve all the neighbor kids grabbing sleds and challenging each other to make it down the cul-de-sac without wiping out.

    As a parent and teacher, I loved snow (and ice) days just as much. That fun of telling your child it's a snow day and seeing the joy. Watching my kiddos and the dogs romp outside. Grinning as the cats took mincing steps in the snow. And, yes, knowing I did NOT have to drive in the mess. Good times!

    Thanks for the memories, Kay, and treasure your joys!

    Nancy Haddock

  6. Hi Arkansas Cyndi
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I do remember “snow ice cream” and no I don’t think I’d be comfortable eating it these days with the air pollution and such. But wasn’t it cool? We’d make it up kind of like BethRe’s snowballs— Vanilla and sugar. Yum.

    Hey BethRe
    I never thought of making snowballs with those ingredients. It would have made snowball fights a lot more tasty. I imagaine you would have wanted to get smacked in the face with a “Beth Re special” snowball! : )

  7. Hi Addison and Nancy
    Thanks for dropping in!
    Yes! Some of my most vivid memories of “snow days” are of course with my parents and brothers and sister. I had one very special experience about six years ago where we were home visiting them in Mississippi and it snowed like it hadn’t in probably twenty years. My kids got to play with their cousins and their grandparents in the snow. Seeing my son and daughter sledding with their grandpa. Priceless.

    Ahh. Snow angels. Those are so fun to make. Finding just the right spot and trying to sit in the snow so you don’t “mess up the angel” after you’ve given her an outline. I discovered my "hidden talent" when I didn’t have much snow to work with! : ) This sounds like a great day to curl up with a good book. The hero of Touched By Love could certainly keep a girl warm and toasty!

  8. Ahhh. Snow Days are few and far between for us here in Alabama as well. We never get enough to do anything with. LOL. However, when we do see flakes you can catch up outside with our mouths open trying to catch them. hehe. I'm sure its a sight for those driving by, but we love it. The giggles from the kids make it worthwhile. :)

  9. Aw shucks, Kay. You make me blush! :) I'm glad you think Jaret is worth curling up with.

  10. I like to drink hot chocolate, have my hubby cook breakfast, read, and watch movies.

    Mel K.

  11. The only snow days I remember came during the few years we lived in Jackson. MS and we would build snowmen and throw snowballs at each other and slide down hills on cardboard. Since I have a picture of me at a very young age standing against a snow bank that is taller than me I must have experienced snow days elsewhere but I sure don't remember. We were living in Kansas at the time I think. However since I was in the eighth grade we have live in coastal south Texas and snow is nonexistent except for one day every 100 years.

  12. Hi Kay,

    I'm just north of you, so we're 'celebrating' the no school day as well. The trees are beautiful with the sunrise glittering through them though. :)

    I grew up all over the world, but the most snow I remember, and loved, was living in Vermont. In addition to snow angels - which are great! - we used to dig snow caves. Very cool, on all levels. And of course sliding! Thanks for the fun blog, Kay. Enjoy, stay warm!

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  13. Misty
    You paint a vivid mental picture that really makes me smile. What fun to "snowflake surf!"

    Hi Meljprincess
    That sounds like the perfect day. We’ve been watching some movies today, too. Can I have some of that hot chocolate?

  14. Hey Ellen Too!
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry you don't see "snow days" anymore. That's very cool that you used to live in Jackson. I grew up just a couple of hours north of there in the Delta.

    Hi Diana
    Snow caves? How wonderful. Those are way beyond my experience but they sound fun! I've always wanted to visit Vermont.

  15. I don't we had many snow days when I was a kid. I probably stayed home and watched tv all day and ate junk food. I might have ventured out and had a snowball fight with my brother and cousins.

  16. Hi Jane

    It's good to see you again! Yes, being snowed in sort of makes for a day of eating, doesn't it? We've been making chocolate chip cookies here tonight.

  17. Thanks everyone for sharing your "snow day" memories. It was so interesting to hear how you've celebrated those unexpected holidays. And to those of you who are experiencing the truly terrible weather sweeping across the Midwest and Northeast— my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. Stay warm and stay safe!

    BETTER THAN BULLETPROOF ~ in stores now!
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  18. Oh I am excited that I found this spot... I have been a fan of Intrique since it's beginning but had to give it up for a few years. I am a true reading addict and began following again faithfully 2 years ago... everybook bought each month at walmart until I lost my job in October...Oh how I have missed you but I am back to work and plan to get you all again very soon.

    As for the snowday... they are nice except for when you loose a payday too

  19. I love snowdays! Long ago memories are of the blizzard of 49 and sledding off the roof of our stairwell to our basement home which was completely buried and my father had to tunnel to get us out! Playing games all wrapped in blankets because we had no electricity with our children are more recent memories. Now I pray the electricity stays on because we now have no heat or stove or water without it. But warm blankets and a good book make it fun.

  20. I was so excited about finding this site I forgot to answer your question. For me it was when all of Pennsylvania was shut down. The main road completely closed. We live on the side of a very hilly road and my kids were so excited they could sledride down it. (an 8 foot drift had closed it off furhter up)

  21. My kids are having a "Snow/Ice Week" here in Kentucky. Poor guys, this is the second time this year school was closed all week. They're going to end up going to school through June to make up the lost time. And today was supposed to be my daughter's first academic match of the year.
    I had to chuckle at your blog... I, too, love the snow days (when I'm not scheduled to work). It's nice to just roll over and go back to sleep instead of having to get kids up and dressed.

  22. Hi Metonia,
    I’m glad you found us, too. Wow. Pennsylvania snow. You and Connie are talking serious accumulation! Congratulations on your new job!

    Hugs to your daughter on missing her first academic match today. A whole week out of school really does monkey with their calendar, doesn’t it? Not to mention giving them and you cabin fever. This was my son’s second day out in a row and this afternoon he was a little antsy.

    Blizzards and no electricity? That sounds really difficult. I like your remedies though for passing the time with games, good books and warm blankets! I hope the power stays on for you with this storm that’s coming through.

    Take care,

  23. It is a very vivid picture, Kay. LOL. I'm always lauging so hard because the kids are soo cute. Along with the fact that the flakes always land in the eyes, on the nose, everywhere but the mouth. HAHA! It's fun! :)

  24. I can't say I am fond of snow days right now because I also live in KY and have been without power or heat for the past three day and just got power back tonight. It has not been a fun week for us!