Friday, January 23, 2009


Ah spring. Ah--choo! (Yep, it's from an old TV commercial.)

But it's also how I feel about spring. Here in Mississippi, spring is yellow pine pollen all over cars, roofs, roads, and me, rain, allergies, and oh yeah, beautiful blooking plants and trees. Did I mention spring is not my favorite season?

Okay, enough complaining.

This year I am looking forward to spring, because I'm on a campaign to clean out, clear out, scale back and simplify. I've warned my husband--he knows to stay out of my way when I'm berserker-cleaning (his word.)

Currently, I'm putting bags of clothes, books, et al into the garage. For me, our garage is a way station for items that are leaving the house. I have a very hard time throwing things away, but if I can get them to the garage, I've got a better than 50-50 chance of successfully ejecting them from there.

Attacking all the junk in my house is helping me with another kind of clearing out. I'm working on clearing out all the clutter in my brain as well as in my home. Old worries, resentments, hurts, even a few regrets--those things that can't be changed--I'm slowly ejecting those too.

A dear friend of mine, when she was 85, told me "I'm getting rid of all the clutter in my life. I don't have time for clutter." She then went on to name issues, problems, and people that she was no longer allowing to waste her time. Fortunately for me, she didn't consider me clutter :) so I remained her friend until she died a few years ago.

But I'm just now understanding what she meant. Life IS too short for clutter. There's barely enough time to enjoy the new growth of spring, the miracle of the hot hot summer sun, the beautiful colors of autumn and the crisp smell of winter. There's barely enough time to appreciate the people who enrich our lives, to marvel in the changes we've witnessed in the world during our short lives, to indulge in the joy of being alive.

This past year has made me realize that I've taken for granted the wonderful days I've had, the remarkable people I've known, and the exceptionally fortunate life I live. I hope I can enjoy each wonderful hour to its fullest--even those hours I spend on spring cleaning.

Any of you who are about to embark on spring cleaning--good luck. If you have any war stories, I'd love to hear about them.

Mallory Kane
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  1. oops, blooking should be blooming. I hope that's my only error. ::sigh::

    Mallory Kane

  2. Spring cleaning? I still haven't finished the fall cleaning!

  3. Is it time to think about spring cleaning already?

  4. Well, when you live in Mississippi, any day after Christmas could be spring! And sometimes, a day or two is all we get before it gets hot. Today was 74, although last week we had nights in the 20s. If I want to do spring cleaning instead of summer cleaning, I have to hurry up. :)


  5. Mallory, That about the clutter of life is too true. We don't have time. And the older we get the less we have. :-)

    Frances Drake

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  6. OMG Mallory, you reminded me of how badly my basement needs a spring cleaning, hmmmmm, wonder how long I can put it off for!? LOL

  7. I need to do some major spring cleaning, but I have a problem throwing stuff out. I don't like to get rid of stuff. My attic will prove it.

  8. I think I will need someone else to come in and declutter my house as I never get anything thrown out, only rearranged. I don't think that I have ever completely finished spring cleaning, let alone, fall or summer or winter.

  9. I spent a few of my childhood years in Mississippi and I so remember Ah-Choo and yellow pine pollen. But I also remember the beauty that caused the sneezing. Spring cleaning???? What's that??? I suspect it's something I really need to do but figuring out what to throw away and what to keep is really hard to decide and I end up keeping almost everything. SIGH....

  10. I agree, living in Alabama its the same way. We never know what the weather is going to do from day to day this time of the year. Cold one day and hot the next day. No wonder so many get so sick this time of year.

    I second the clutter in our lives. Life is WAY too short. I'm doing the same thing this year. I'm cleaning out the cobb webbs in the house and in the stress of everyday life. I love an organized house but I have some kids toys to clean out. LOL. A few projects I would like to finish.

    Good Luck with your cleaning!!