Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brains, Blogs and Buns :-)

Mallory Kane here:
Julie talked yesterday about brains, particularly authors' brains. Interesting subject and one that I ponder fairly regularly. I have always been a 'pantser.' But in trying to write 3 books a year for Intrigue I came to realize I didn't have the luxury of allowing the book to meander around until I figured out what the story was. I envy those writers whose brains allow them to 'pants' without wasting a lot of time. These days I use my synopsis to guide my story.
I do a lot of what I call plotting while I'm writing my synopsis. Those writers who are true plotters would not be impressed with what I'm referring to as plot. Sometimes all I have at certain points in my synopsis is the equivalent of "they do some stuff, and then..." but the inciting events and the stakes-raisers that I come up with help me to solidify the story in my brain so I can stay on track.
The second part of my subject was blogs. I'm really enjoying this method of blogging -- thanks Pat White! I work well with a schedule, so Thursdays are great for me. And once-weekly blogging is helping me ease into the habit. I'm not sure I'll ever be one of those people who can share news and thoughts and ideas every single day. But I am definitely liking this.
BUNS: Is this the cooking portion of the show? No. I was going for alliteration in the title of my post, and since Julie was talking about plotters and pantsers (those who write 'by the seat of their pants'), I added the word Buns as a colorful synonym. It's an important concept for me-- planting these buns in a chair and writing. I find that after about 2 hours of writing I'm ready to get up and run errands or play with my paper crafts or watch HGTV or Law & Order--anything other than writing for another two hours. I'm trying to train my buns to stay in the chair (actually on the couch with pillows and my laptop) longer.
The book I'm working on is a lot of fun, and that does help the 'restless buns' situation. I call it HEATHERS meets Jessica Fletcher.
The story is about FBI agent Laurel Gillespie, who reluctantly returns to her home town for her 10th high school reunion and discovers that a suicide that happened on her graduation night may have been murder. The rude clique of Cool Girls that made a lot of kids' lives miserable in high school (including hers) are under suspicion until one of their own is murdered.
Then suddenly, Laurel is the target and she must work with the Chief of Police in Dusty Springs, to find the murderer without getting herself killed. Cade Dupree is not only Police Chief, he's also the guy she had a major crush on in high school. Now to her dismay, she finds that all those feelings are still there. As they are forced closer and closer together because of the danger stalking Laurel, she has to admit that her crush has turned into love.
This book, tentatively titled MALICIOUS INTENT, is scheduled for mid-2008.
This week is a big week for my parents. Both their birthdays are this week. My mother's on the 23rd and my father's on the 26th. They are 85 and 87. Isn't that amazing? I feel so fortunate to still have them around and so thankful they're still in good health and enjoying life!
Until next time...

Mallory Kane

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  1. Oh, my!

    Interesting discussion, Mallory. And MALICIOUS INTENT sounds terrific!

    Happy birthday to your parents, too! You ARE lucky!

    And I like this once weekly blogging, too. It's often enough to be fun, but not quite as stressful as the responsibility of posting every day. Plus, I think this is a terrific bonus for readers, who get to hear from a variety of authors this way.

    Julie Miller