Monday, January 29, 2007

Movie Monday!

Sorry I'm a late blogger today but I was up late watching the SAG awards last night. (No, I didn't win one for my middle-aged belly ). I'm so excited that Little Miss Sunshine won best ensemble cast! What a special and wonderful movie.

Are you excited about the Oscars? I am! You have just under four weeks to see the movies and choose your favorites. I'm leaning toward The Queen but I haven't seen The Departed or Babel yet. However, I convinced my son to get a job at a movie theatre so I can see free movies! Which movie are you hoping will win Best Picture?

Pat White

The American Temp and the British Inspector, Harlequin Intrigue

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  1. Hey, Pat--

    I'm a movie buff, too. LOVE the Oscars! Some years we host an Oscar party and invite friends to dress up for the event. This year will be low key, though, since I have a March deadline. No time to gussy up the house!

    I thought The Departed was powerful stuff--a little heavy for my personal tastes, but an acting tour de force. I'm so glad to see Mark Wahlberg nominated. But I loved Eddie Murphy in DreamGirls, so that category's a toss-up, imo. The only other Best Picture nominee I've seen is Flags of Our Fathers--it was moving, too--epic-looking with the battle scenes. I'd love to see the others, too, but they never made their way to central Nebraska. Oh, well.

    I think this year has more really good acting performances (leading and supporting) than in recent years. It's hard to stand out when so many are so good in the right parts. But I'll be anxious to see who wins.

    Julie Miller