Monday, January 22, 2007

E-Mail Arrest?

I was sending my mom an e-mail about my current book, "The American Temp and the British Inspector" and got a little self-concsious about the e-mail title: "You Know The Killer." Now, I'm thinking, "Hmmm, if someone see this, or if the FBI is watching or Big Brother or..." Whatever. I sent it anyway and so far no one has come knocking (except the neighbor kids to bring back my wandering dog.)

I was acutally throwing out a challenge to mom because in movies, books, whatever, she's always able to figure out the bad guy way before you're supposed to. It used to make me nuts! Then I realized I do the same thing and my 16-year-old is always yelling at me to knock it off. (Sorry, Jeff!)

"The American Temp and the British Inspector" is a new venture for me since it is a more of a mystery than my other books and you are introduced to the killer fairly early in the book. If you're like me and like to figure out these kinds of puzzles, I hope you enjoy Max and Cassie's story.

Tuesday is Academy Award announcements. I'm rooting for THE QUEEN. How about you?

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