Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm just back from a trip to London, and all I can say is JET LAG. I love seeing the sights and doing new things, but I wish it were easier to get from point A to point B. Twenty-one hours of traveling on the return trip was a little too much, and now I'm paying for it with a foggy head and an achy back. Still, I'm glad I went.

The highlights:

--The Cleopatra exhibit at the British Museum. I've been watching Rome on HBO and have a renewed interest in Cleo. What an amazing woman. She'd make a great model for an Intrigue heroine. Or villain. hehehe

--Tea at the Coal Hole Pub. This was definitely not the Ritz or Harrods, but it was FUN.

--The historic pub tour. Apparently, Dickens and Shakespeare drank just about everywhere. Makes me wonder when they managed to do any writing. ;) Some of the pubs were downright creepy, and I got some new ideas for Intrigues.

--Watching the pigeon chasers in Trafalgar Square. These guys make $150,000 a year just to rid the square of pigeons. Can you imagine applying for a job like that? What kind of experience would you need? I used to chase squirrels from my bird feeders--does that count?

So, did you do any holiday traveling, or do you have vacation plans in your near future?


Delores Fossen


  1. Delores!

    What a wonderful trip. I'm so jealous. I loved my trip to the UK. Hope to get back again and now I'll know the hotspots -- thanks for sharing.


  2. Delores! Congrats on your trip to London. While you were in London, I was in Australia and New Zealand! Both are beautiful contries and both very different. We did a day of touring in Sydney and a couple days on the beach in Coolangatta in Australia. Two weeks New Zealand was awesome as well. We rented a car and drove all over the South and North Island, went whale-watching and touched a Glacier. We even went to one of the beaches where Xena filmed. So cool!