Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday's my favorite day!

Mallory Kane here:

How great that I get to blog on Thursday, my favorite day of the week. I'm not completely sure why. It just seems to me that better things happen on Thursday than any other day. I love the TV shows that come on Thursday night. I love the idea that Wednesday is over and it's almost the weekend. Lately I love Thursday because I go to yoga on Thursday. Okay I go on Tuesday and Wednesday too, but for some reason the Thursday class is more relaxing and more invigorating. I come home ready to spend hours writing.

Speaking of writing, January is an exciting month for me. I have a new book out -- Six-Gun Investigation. It's the first book in a three book series featuring 3 brothers who are Texas Rangers, and who must work together to find the truth about a murder that will either condemn or exonerate their father. The series is The Silver Star of Texas.

My hero, Zane McKinney, is the oldest brother. In February, Delores Fossen's book, Trace Evidence in Tarrant County, is the story of the middle brother Sloan. Then in March, Rita Herron's Justice for a Ranger features Cole, the youngest McKinney brother. We had a blast writing these books.

As a tie-in to Six-Gun Investigation, I have a weekly serial on eHarlequin that features a minor character from the Silver Star of Texas trilogy. Luis Enrique Spinoza, a deputy sheriff in Justice Texas, has to help his ex-fiancee prove she didn't murder her boss in The Wrong Side of the Law, available now as a free read on

I can't wait for my May book. Juror No. 7 is a special book for me. I really love the hero and heroine, and their story. You can find more information about Juror No. 7 on my website,

As soon as I get back from my yoga class, my husband and I are off to spend a couple of days at Peal River Resort. He loves to play poker, and I'm looking forward to writing on my laptop in the luxurious quiet of the hotel room.

Thanks for visiting the Intrigue authors blog. I hope you all enjoy your Thursday. When we get to our hotel I'll check in again.

Have a great Thursday!
Mallory Kane

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